Be inFormed. Be skilled. Be ready.

We inform through nurse mentorship, staff development training and continuing education courses for nurses and the interdisciplinary team.

We keep your wound care department in-form through policy updates and protocol implementation, expert skin and wound care treatment recommendations

Nurse Mentorship

Nursing school is the stepping stone, we are the bridge.

Our groundbreaking mentorship program and online community designed to empower nursing students and new nurses on their journey towards becoming confident and capable healthcare professionals.

Already in the field? This community offers exclusive access to a network of mentors from various specialties who are just a call or message away.

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Continuing Education & Staff Development

Feel confident in your skin...

...and in the integrity of your patients' skin! When you know what to do, you provide better care. Become a Wound Treatment Associate (WTA)!

The WTA Program is a WOCN® Society endorsed wound care educational program geared toward registered nurses, licensed practical/vocational nurses and other licensed professionals.

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inFormed Nurses- Real Talk Podcast

Listen to real gems of information, experiences, and stories from veteran nurses.

Real nurses adding real context to real situations
- Real Talk

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Expert Wound, Ostomy, & Skin Care

Connect with a wound care consultant through HIPAA compliant software.
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Staff Development
Enhance the knowledge of your new hires nurses and through training.
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Policies & Protocols
Stay up-to-date with the current skin and wound standards.
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Let's Bridge the Gap between the experienced & the aspiring

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